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After many years of being a pet owner I had my first exposure to animal communication. I saw a woman on TV a few times who seemed to know the likes and dislikes of the animals she spoke to and I was fascinated. Years later I was told about someone else who could talk to the animals.  I couldn’t wait to look her up. I had 2 new rescue dogs with health and behavior issues and I wanted to know what they had to say.  I remember being so excited about this experience and disappointed that I had to wait several months to be able to speak with her.  It was all worth it when the time came for us to talk. 

For several years I would schedule appointments when I could, wishing that somehow I could have this same ability to talk to them. I am ecstatic that now that wish has come true. What an amazing experience it has been to connect and communicate with the animals and learn all they are here to teach us individually and as a human race. I so enjoy every moment of this work.  It is a lot of fun to share with human companions the the images, feelings and knowings I get from their pet. It is powerful to let them know if their pet is feeling something in their body that might need some attention or working out behavior issues with their pet or between multiple animals.


What is equally enjoyable but also profound is to learn what their mission with their human is and how life changing it can be when people realize how their animal is here to help them.  Lastly it is an incredible honor to connect someone again to a beloved animal that has crossed over to the other side, allow them to get answers to questions, ease their mind and relay the messages of love.  It is my hope to share these amazing experiences with you!

Maria Stoner - Anima communication


Having an animal communication session can be quite profound. I love telling you about your animal’s personality and things they like or enjoy. I also as a pet parent appreciate that I can feel what they feel and am able to relay that information to you, as those of us who love animals never want to see them be in discomfort or pain. It is so helpful to know this type of information so that we can do something to make them more comfortable.


One of my favorite parts of this work is that I can also have your animal share what they are here to help you learn. This part of the experience can be life changing, as often we don’t think about our stress, discomfort or the things we are experiencing in our lives as impacting our animals….but it happens more than we realize.  


You may see your dog excessively barking, pacing or destroying things as a nuisance behavior or say he is just an anxious dog.  In reality he may be trying to demonstrate something to you by showing you this behavior. It is amazing both the changes in the animals and their people once this information is discovered. Who among us hasn’t wondered….why does my dog potty on the floor right after we were just outside or why does my horse always give me a tough time when we ride after I have had a rough day at work? They want you to know and I am excited to be able to share that with you.


I would like to thank you for the best and most amazing communication session with my cats Baxter and Hailey. Not only was the energy connection and communication beautiful and sensitive, but extremely helpful in assisting me to provide better care that they desired. I have worked with animal communicators in the past, but have never felt a more honest, heartfelt and true connection with my cats before. I will definitely be scheduling more sessions with my other fur babies!                 


Bonnie Cohen


Thank you!!! It was an awesome call. It was so great to be able to connect with Bear like that. I had never talked with an animal communicator before, I didn’t know how cooperative he would be, so happy that he was willing to work with you. Looking forward to another session.                                                                     


J.W. Harrisburg, PA

Thank you so much Maria for a wonderful session. I was beyond impressed with how spot on you were without having any prior details about Simba.  I will most definitely be working with you again!  You are amazing!                 


Chelsey Hall, founder of Mifty’s Animal Rescue Harrisburg, PA

Thank you so very much for my reading. I was really very impressed. You told me things that were just right on perfect. You made me feel very comfortable with the reading. It’s like you have known Mr. Blue his whole life. The things you told me made so much sense to me. It has helped me feel better. Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing. I will get another reading from you. Please tell me when your website is up. Thank you for easing my mind on a few things about him. It feels like I can breathe a little easier now.                                                                             

C.O. Texas

Thanks you so very much for the reading and all the useful information and tips. Looking forward to the next encounter! Thought you should know that Ben is doing great now and his behavior has been very good since our communication.

A. Texas

My reading with Maria had me over the moon for days. Maria connected with the love of my life Beamer who transitioned over 5 yrs. ago. Maria instantly connected with him and was able to answer questions that I have long been wondering about. Everything makes perfect sense to me now after all this time. Maria is a pleasure to work with. I felt her love, confidence, & grace that she shares with her clients here & on the other side.

Sarah in Arizona

My Approach


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