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Animal Communication Session (30 Minutes) $50.00

A 30 minute session allows me time to speak with 1 animal alive or already crossed over to the other side.  There is also typically time for 2-3 questions of your choice.


Animal Communication Session (55 Minutes) $75.00

A 55 minute session allows time to have a more in depth conversation with more than 1 animal alive or crossed over.  This length of session is also good if you wish to address issues or challenges you may be having with your animal or that animals may be having with each other.


Distance Reiki Session  $50.00

As a Reiki Master I am able to send Reiki Energy to your animal to assist in promoting health and well-being.


In-Person Reiki Session  $75.00

These sessions can be conducted in my office or in your home within a 20 mile radius of Harrisburg, PA.


Behavioral or Health Consultation (30 Minutes) $40.00

Maria has extensive experience in multiple modalities of holistic health care of animals, including essential oils usage, Lyme & Tick borne illness, nutrition and positive training.  She is happy to schedule sessions for consultation and often these sessions work well in conjunction with animal communication.  For example if you have ever had experience with animals who struggle with separation anxiety, noise fears or other stress responses it can be invaluable to discover not only what is causing these behaviors but to have tools to assist in reducing them.

Please be advised that the above services are not a substitute for veterinary care and should not be viewed as medial advice.  They are best used in conjunction with a traditional or homeopathic veterinarian.  I accept no liability for any damages, injury or loss suffered as the result of any of the information shared during a session.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you talk to any animal?

I can communicate with any animal domestic or wild animals, dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, horses to name a few.  I can also speak to animals that have crossed over to the other side.



How do I prepare? 

Animal communication sessions are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and are either 30 or 55 minutes in length.  Sessions are conducted over the phone and your animal does not need to be physically with you at the time of the call. It is often helpful to let your animal know I will be speaking with both of you before the call occurs, as this helps increase the connection and openness to the communication. Most people find it helpful to think or write down a few questions you would like to ask in advance and to have pen & paper close by for things you would like to remember. Sessions can also be recorded.


How do I record a session?

There are several services, which allow you to do free recordings. These services provide you with a free call in number.  Please explore how they work and the directions of how to record and playback the calls. Please remember you must provide me with that number and access code 48 hrs prior to our appointment and I am not responsible for recording issues.

What can I expect from an animal communication session?

Sessions generally discuss things about your animals personality, possible likes and dislikes, a check in on how their body is feeling, if they have not already crossed over to the other side and what they are here to help you learn & discover.  There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions.  How many will depend on the length of the session you selected.  A 55 minute session allows the time to really have an in depth conversation with 1 animal or to speak more briefly with up to 2 animals.  This length of session is also good to work on behavior that may seem problematic, issues between animals or other concerns you might be experiencing.

How do I pay for my service?

Services are paid for in advance of our appointment.  There is a Pay Here button on the services page where you select the service you would like to purchase. Personal checks are accepted and if you would like to pay in this way an address for mailing will be provided to you.  Please know if paying by check your session cannot be scheduled until your check is received and processed.


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