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As I have recently launched my public Facebook page I am reflecting on how I got on Facebook in the first place. Truth be told I didn’t want to join and was warned about how it will steal time away from you. Well I certainly didn’t need any more time loss I already felt like I didn’t have enough time. For years I was able to avoid it and then the day came...I had to help a dog. My friend who runs a dog rescue began talking about a dog that had been running for over in a year in an infamous park in Texas known for strays and where people on almost a daily basis dump their dogs. I am in the north eastern part of the country and it is much more rare to find a wandering dog and if we do often we can find its’ home. At that time I had no idea that there were and are over a MILLION stray dogs in Houston Texas alone… a MILLION. Surely that must be an exaggeration I thought but it is not.

An amazing woman and set of volunteers were doing their best to feed the dogs dumped in the park of just this 1 area, strictly from donations and often their own money. They try to get the injured, ill or pregnant animals to safety. She felt this particular dog needed to be rescued, as his health was declining. No local rescues were coming forward to take him, as they can just not keep up with the demand of all the animals in need. My friend was contemplating taking him into her rescue and trying to coordinate how to get him here. I was considering helping with transport and after a few hours of trying to coordinate things I realized it would be a lot easier to communicate if I was on Facebook so I signed up. My privacy is really important to me and the other types of work I do also require it. So for many years I have used only part of my name so that I could do rescue work and see certain things on Facebook without most people knowing. I really appreciated that I could do my part in the rescue world and only those I worked with knew how to find me.

Now years later I have become certified in animal communication and part of my certification requirement is to have some sort of social media. I have debated for quite some time which platform I wanted to use…Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Ugh how about none of the above. Let me repeat I really like my privacy but I also love what I do and although I do get a lot of referrals from word of mouth I want the opportunity to work with more people and animals. I often also provide talks and trainings so the addition of social media would be great to make people aware of these events. Of course this also puts me into the public in a very different way. There are still a whole section of people who don’t know how intuitive I have become over the last 10 years or so and definitely don’t know I can talk to animals. So here it goes….you can now find me on Facebook ….come on over and find me there. All because of a dog....thanks Petey!

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