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One of my favorite things is to talk with people who have a similar passion to mine. That like-mindedness makes me feel full of energy, focused on the moment and I almost always learn something. Last summer I had the opportunity to speak with someone else who also does animal communication.  We were talking about my animals and honestly I don’t know what prompted him to say this but I distinctly remember this part.  He said to me, “That is because you don’t just love animals…you respect them.”  Wow I never thought about it in those terms and that these were 2 distinct things.  I grew up in an animal loving family but I am not so sure how much they respected animals.  They sure didn’t know anything about canine body language, animal nutrition or animal communication.  In all fairness times were different and there was no internet so that certainly limited their resources. I do remember taking a puppy to obedience class when I was 10, which was a total disaster and a story for a different day.

Before I knew about animal communication I searched for a dog trainer.  I knew basic obedience training but my two newest dogs were very complicated.  Although I was seeming to get my one dog’s separation anxiety managed; for the first time in my life I had a dog showing fear aggression towards people and I knew I needed help.  I did not however want the show’em whose boss kind of dog trainer that was popular at the time.  Thank goodness I had been able to get my hands on some good resources to know how detrimental that could be, particularly with dogs showing fear aggression. I interviewed several trainers that identified themselves as only using positive methods before I finally found the right one.  My dogs already knew how to sit and other basic commands but I was equally focused on our trusting relationships.  This particular dog doesn’t like wet grass on his feet let alone to sit his behind in it.  Now if I ask him he will put his behind super close to the ground when it is wet but out of respect for him I don’t ask him to do this.  He understands what I am asking of him and I know that the two inches he hovers with his rear above the ground so it doesn’t have to be cold and wet makes no difference from an obedience stand point.  It does however make a tremendous difference in the area of our mutual respect and trust for each other.

Here is one of the ways I knew I had the right dog trainer.  When I told him the above scenario he said to me…”If that is what you and he have worked out that’s great.” I remember immediately feeling a sense of relief when he said this.  Finally I thought someone who understood. It wasn’t until several years later in the recent conversation that I realized that yes, that was respect, which is different from love but such a wonderful compliment to it. This is one of the things I love witnessing during an animal communication session.  When an animal lover sees and often feels the depth of intelligence, wisdom and the way in which their animal is trying to help them. I get to witness this most special transition from not just loving their animals but complete admiration and respect. This is such a beautiful experience to be a part of it each and every time.

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