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Are you a cat or dog person?

How many times have we all seen this headline? I can never answer that question. For most of my life I have had both dogs and cats. I really don’t feel like my house is the same if I don’t have both. Even before I knew animal communication I would say to people dog and cat energy is very different. I know there are many people who feel like they are either cat or dog people but I appreciate both. What I don’t really understand is when people discuss cats as if somehow their often more independent nature means that they don’t love their people like dogs. In 25 years I have had more than 10 cats and one thing for certain is they have all had their very own personalities and distinctive things they liked and disliked. I have had cats that have behaviors more similar to dogs, where they greet you at the door and actually play fetch with paper balls. I have had cats who only like to be touched when they choose and rarely cuddle and others who any moment they could would be right by my side. What I have never doubted is their love for me, even if they didn’t always show it the way I hoped to experience it.

When I really tapped into to my ability to communicate with the animals what I instinctually knew I was able to confirm. No matter the species of the animal cat, dog, horse, iguana or hamster what is always clear is their love for us. It comes through in both a knowing and a feeling for me and it is big…..even with the most independent of cats.

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